Spirit Life Church
6/2/19 Brian Besser - God of the middle
5/5/19 Brother Jim Kibbey How Faith Comes
Rev. John Martin-The Spirit Of Two Messiahs-4/29/2019
Rev. John Martin-The Spirit Of Shifting Hopes-4/28/2019
Rev. John Martin-Spirit Laodicean Church-4/28/2019
Brother Ricky Edwards Jr-Spending Time With The Throne-4/7/2019
Sister Chelsee Edwards-Be A Hero Maker-4/3/2019
Sister Chelsee Edwards-The Mantle-3/27/2019
Brother Ricky Edwards Jr-Who have You Been With-3/31/2019
Rev. Marilyn Newbower-Truth Over Facts-3/17/2019
Rev. Marcell Joseph-Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving-Part 2
Rev. Marcell Joseph-Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving
Pastor Gene Herndon-Elephant In The Bedroom-1/27/2019
Earl & Ann Johnson-Confess The Word-1/16/2019
M&A Ashmore Through You 1/13/2019
Rev. Ricky Edwards -Get Wisdom-12/19/2018
Sister Chelsee Edwards-Wisdom-12/16/2018
Brother Ricky Edwards Jr-Faith By Tounge-12/9/2018
Asst. Pastor Christine-Surging Through The Holidays-11/18/2018
Sister Sandy Mercer-God Is Faithful-11/14/18

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