Spirit Life Church
Brother Terry Mathews-Praise-11/11/2018
Sister Stephanie Ellsworth-What Are You Expecting From God-10/17/2018
Brother Jerry Duke-Revelation of the Word-10/14/2018
Brother Earl Johnson-Raise Your Expectation-10/10/2018
Phil Richiuso-So What Are You Doing-9/26/2018
Brother Clinton McClurkin-The Signet-9/19/2018
Brother Ricky Edwards Jr-What Are You Putting In Your Box-9/16/2018
Pastor Christine Hau-Pray Without Ceasing-9/12/2018
Sister Chelsee Edwards-Weeds In Your Seeds-9/9/2018
Brother Richard McLaughlin-No Place I’d Rather Be-7/29/2018
Sister Chelsee Edwards-WOW Factor-7/18/2018
Brother Mike Manuel-Foundations-7/8/2018
Sister Chelsee Edwards-Powerful Love-6/10/2018
Brother Tim Grillo-Who’s Following You-6/6/2018
Brother Ricky Edwards Jr.-What You Say Is What You Sow-6/3/2018
Brother Clint McClurkin-Child Like Faith-5/30/2018
Rev. Todd Bailey-Healing-5/27/2018
Rev. Todd Bailey-Stay Your Course-5/27/2018
Sister Stephanie Ellsworth-Obtaining Victories-5/23/2018
Brother Ricky Edwards Jr.-Speak The Word Only-4/25/2018

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