Spirit Life Church
7-19-20 Pastor Clinton Trust God
7-15-20 Pastors Chelsee & Clinton Words & Faith
7-12-20 Pastor Brittany Make A Move
7-8-20 Dr.s’ Odom The incorruptable Seed
7-5-2020 Pastor Ricky Defining Moments
7-1-20 Pastors Ricky and Clinton What Moves You
06-28-20 Pastor Ricky What’s in our Mouth?
06-24-20 Pastors Ricky & Clinton Faith’s Image
6-21-20 Dr Ricky Edwards Get Your Isaac
6-20-20 Dr Ricky Edwards Denying the Spirit of Poverty
6-19-20 Dr Ricky Edwards Mixing The Power Triplets
6-14-20 Pastor Ricky Unity in Prayer
6-7-20 Pastor Ricky In The Spirit Is a Place
06-17-20 Pastors Ricky and Clinton Foundations of Faith
6-10-20 Pastors Ricky and Clinton Glory of God
6-3-20 Pastors Ricky and Clinton Faith Works by Love
5-31-20 Pastor Chelsee Pentecost
05-17-20 Dr Ricky Edwards Image
5-13-20 Pastors  Edwards Great Faith

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