Spirit Life Church
8-21-19 Pastor Ricky Edwards Meditate on the Word
8-18-19 Dr. Steve Wheeler Faith not Feelings
8-14-19 Pastor Tim Don’t give up to soon.
8-11-19 Pastor Tim What we say matters
8-7-19 Pastor Barb Armor of God Ambassador for God
8-4-19 Pastor Tim Good Good Shepherd
7/31/19 Pastor Barb  Armor Of God, Discipline
Pastor Chelsee Edwards Battle Cry part 2
Faith Fueled Progress
Battlee Cry part 1
Holy Spirit Source of Unending Power
Pastor Clint Healer and Baptizer
7/3/19 Pastor Clint We are four square
6-26-19 Pastor Barbra Odom A New Thing
6/23/19 Jorge & Pastor Christine - Power and Crown
6/19/19 Pastor Clinton McClurkin - Be the Church
6/16/19 Pastor Tim Odom - Faithful Father
6/12/19 Pastor Chelsee Edwards - Legacy of Faith
6/9/19 Pastor Tim Odom - G.A.R.B.A.G.E.
6/5/19 Pastor Barbara Odom - Fellowship with the Holy Spirit