Spirit Life Church
12-8-19 Pastor Tim&Barb You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Part 2
12-04-19 Pastor Barbra Odom All My Life God Has Been Faithful
12-1-19 Pastor Richard McLaughlin How I Fight my Battles
11-24-19 Pastor Clinton Ways to Give Thanks
11-20-19Pastor Ricky Stay in the Word
11-17-19-Pastor Ricky Stay in Faith
11-13-19 Pastor Chelsee Healing
11-10-19 Pastor Barbra All Voices to Preach the Gospel
11-06-19 Pastor Chelsee My Part in Healing
11-3-19 Pastor Tim Odom You aint seen nothing yet
10-30-19 Pastor Chelsee God’s Will to Heal
10-27-19 Pastor Tim Overcoming Obstacles
10-23-19 Dr. Barbra Odom Check Pride
10-20-19 Pastor Ricky His Perspective was Different
10-16-19 Pastor Clinton Mind Your Mouth
10-9-19 Pastor Brittany Dream!
9-25-19 Pastor Tim Odom Dont be a Fool
9-18-19 Pastor Clinton Overflow
9-15-19 Pastor Chelsee Daily Benefits
9-11-19 Pastor Ricky Are You an Asset?