Spirit Life Church
5-6-20 Youth Pastors McLaughlin Believing is Seeing
4-29-20 Pastors Edwards Faith with Action
4-22-20 Pastors Edwards Faith and Patients
4-15-20 Pastors Edwards Speak Faith
04-08-20 Pastors Edwards Five ways not to limit God
4-1-20 Pastors Ricky and Chelsee Edwards Faith vs Fear
3-28-20 Dr. Tim Odom Look to God
3-25-20 Pastors Ricky and Chelsee Edwards Faith Is
3-22-20 Pastor Ricky Edwards Follow the Word of God
3-18-20 Pastor Richard Right ti the Offering
3-15-2020 Pastor Chelsea How to be a World Changer
3-11-20 Pastor Brittany Truth In Love
3-8-20 Pastor Ricky Faith Speaking
3-4-20 Stephanie Ellsworth Unity In The Spirit
God is Exhaustless
2-19-20 Pastor Richard See your blessing
2-16-2020 Pastor Ricky Take Up Your Position
2-12-20 Pastor Brittany Invest
2-9-20 Pastor Chelsee Kingdom Position
2-5-20 Pastor Clinton Be a Cactus in a Forrest

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