Spirit Life Church
2-19-20 Pastor Richard See your blessing
2-16-2020 Pastor Ricky Take Up Your Position
2-12-20 Pastor Brittany Invest
2-9-20 Pastor Chelsee Kingdom Position
2-5-20 Pastor Clinton Be a Cactus in a Forrest
2-2-2020 Pastor Ricky Living Like Royalty
1-29-20 Sister Stephanie Ellsworth Faith
1-12-20 Pastor Chelsee Edwards Envision Invest Expand
1-12-20 Rastor Ricky Edwards Invest in the Word
1-26-20 Pastor Ricky Think Big and Expand!
1 22 20 Pastor Richard Living in the Blessing
1-18-20 Dr. Marilyn Neubauer Healing
1 19 20 Dr. Marilyn Neubauer Don’t Lose Your Miracle
1-15-2020 Pastor Brittney Mc Laughlin
12-29-19 Pastor Ricky Edwards Envision
12-23-19 Pastor Ricky When the Pressure is On Don’t Give Up!
12-18-19 Pastor Chelsee  I am Willing
12-15-19 Pastor Ricky Being One
12-10-19 Pastor Chelsee Edwards Healing 2
12-8-19 Pastor Tim&Barb You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Part 2